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These are more likely to actually happen if I write them somewhere besides my short-term memory:

DMX-controlled RGB glowing keytar (this one is close!)
Arduino/DMX Controlled LED Broadway Floor Bulbs
Syncable Video Projections w/rad homemade stuff & clips from Tron, Barbarella, etc.
Interactive Animations with Infrared + CCV & Processing
A home projection touchscreen that literally is like as the one in Minority Report
LED Chaser Vest
Full-on Linux distro for lighting/stagecraft with forums, etc
A Jetson's couch (or something similar)

My faith in the Bins has been restored! I convinced Kurtie we should go there instead of buying new shelving for our basement, and we scored bigtime, we got 2 big shelves for $5 and $10, and I found this awesome little hexagonal table for $7!  I've got plans for this little dude


We went to that awesome sake place on Alberta and got one of the flights of different types of sake from all over Japan. The girl who served us was not all about the customer service though, and we didn't even get asked if we wanted it heated or not, and I honestly don't like cold filtered sake very much, unless it's sparkling. =\ I made the best of it though, and it wasn't bad.. next time i'm demanding it be warmed up though

I made an icon for the fixture editor part of this open-source lighting software i've been using, called QLC. It is really one of the more robust open-source programs I've used for a specific purpose, and for sure the most advanced lighting control station for Linux. I made this for myself so i'd have something awesome to click on, but I'm going to submit it to the project and i bet they'll use it, since their current icon is TERRIBLE:


New Beddings! (taken from my RAZR:)

..so this is proving to be difficult. I have a ton of pictures on Kurtis's camera which I will post as soon as I can figure out how to charge it, but it's dead now and my pictures are trapped on there. =) I have still not missed a day! I'm looking at a few cameras and will make a purchase soon, I'm deciding between these models of Canon Powershots (all of which support the amazing 3rd party, non-Canon firmware, CHDK:)
Listed in order of what i'm  leaning towards:

A720 IS



SD1000 Digital ELPH

There are other Canon Powershots in my price range ($150-$200) that support CHDK and are probably better than these, but I want one that i can put in my pocket and go dancing with, and that to me is more important than slightly better image quality, so I don't want a big SLR lookin thing. I figure I'll get something small that works well for now, make it fly with CHDK and see how I like this whole photography thing, and if I like it i'll spring for something really nice in the future.

Now, I am a gearhead computer/music nerd for sure, but I know absolutely nothing about cameras, except for high megapixels, high optical zoom, and stabilization are important, but I don't even know what ISO means in regard to cameras. Does anyone have advice for me in what to look for?


All of this lighting business is starting to turn me into a recluse


I really can't wait to get a real camera
I went out with Trent and Kat and a dude I didn't know for Trent's birthday.. it was a pretty mellow night, but it was the first time I'd done anything with him outside his house for SO LONG, like 10 months or something crazy like that, it was a good time. I miss that dude.

This is from inside the bathroom at The Tube on my cellphone =) Total scenester shot, am I convincing?